YouTube Assistant Services/Channel Management (You Create, We Edit And Upload)

Are you looking to get started in making videos that present your brand? Maybe you are an established social media brand or person, but just don’t have the time to edit, upload, add SEO and create thumbnails for your youtube videos.  Team Life Gains is here to help. We provide social media management for youtube and have a great deal to help you continue to grow your brand on youtube.

Our package includes:

Basic Set Up of Your Youtube Channel For Maximum Visibility

Edit Your Videos and Upload To Youtube (Maximum of 2 Per Week Limited to 10-minute Videos)

Provide SEO Optimized For Each Video For Maximum Visibility

Provide Relevant Tags For Each Video

Optimize Each Video With Essensiental Metadata To Increase Exposure

Provide Creative Thumbnail For Each Video To Increase Click Through Rate

Bi-weekly Evaluation Of Channel Progress


If You are local to the Triad area of NC, Video recorded can be added to this service also. (Extra Fee)

This is a no contract month to month service and you can cancel at any time.

                  (Our mission is to save you time, while you be creative!)

 Ex- We have built several videos for other channels, including our main channel. Below are links to our video editing style and current youtube channel that is over 100,000 subscribers

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