Set TV, or Set Tv Now the streaming service is 'unavailable.' The affordable streaming service is down and we think it is down for the count

Streaming service Set TV is down, though it's not clear why.

A message on the Set TV site says, "Thank you for visiting SET TV. SET TV service is currently unavailable." The company also tweeted out a similar message Thursday evening. 

As of this time, no response has been rendered by Set TV about the issues. 

The site could be down due to maintenance or a technical problem, but some customers have guessed on Twitter that the sudden unavailability is due to a copyright lawsuit filed against Set TV back in April. 

Set TV offers a buffet of movies and live TV channels for $20 a month. In April, the company was sued by numerous big names in the entertainment industry -- including Netflix, Sony Pictures, Disney, Universal and more -- that said it was offering content illegally.

The companies stated in the complaint, "the service provides hallmarks of using authorized streaming services -- a user-friendly interface and reliable access to popular content -- but with a notable exception: the customers only pay money to Defendants, not to Plaintiffs and other content creators."

Lovers of streaming services are hoping Set Tv can survive this threat and come through in the same manner as Spotify did in the music realm. 

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