Drop Movie Pass and Get Sinemia. Best deal for movie tickets of 2018.

For the best deal on movies in 2018, you need to drop Movie Pass and get Sinemia. Currently offering movies at 4.99/month. That is a huge saving on every theater on the planet

Frustrated with Movie Pass,  I was thrilled last week to learn about the new services offered  by Sinemia. The company launched a cardless feature that allows for advanced purchases through Fandango or Movietickets.com. This solved the issues I had with Moviepass. It isn't an unlimited plan but I don't watch that many movies in the theater anymore so that wasn't a deal breaker for me. Not to mention very few Americans watch more than 2 movies per month anyway. They have two classic plans which allow for purchasing tickets to 2D movies with no blackout dates - for one movie ticket per month, it is just $4.99/month and for 2 tickets per month, it is $6.99/month. If you want to watch 3D/IMAX films, then you have to go for their Elite plans - for 2 movie tickets per month, it is $9.99/month or 3 tickets for $14.99/month. They also offer plans for couples to make it easier to book 2 tickets at a time - obviously, the plans are double the price.

Sinemia is currently making headway all over the world and is bringing delight to movie lovers everywhere. 

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